Do you run a pub, club or night club? what about a cafe, hotel or social area?



The Active 8 range can be made to suit your environment, with several different cloth colours, side panelling to match any décor and table designs to suit whatever your style. All Active 8 Pool Tables are manufactured and assembled with impeccable attention to detail by our highly skilled and talented craftsmen. Active 8 Pool Tables use quality Italian slate for the playing surface, ensuring that each and every game is on a flat and true surface. The cloth used on Active 8 tables is a quality, purpose made cloth that is available in a wide variety of colours. Screen printed logos are also available.


Active 8 Pool Tables have been manufacturing pool tables for coin operation in Australia for over 20 years.




Active 8 Pool Tables can install a pool table into your venue and share the profits with you. This arrangement will cost you nothing, and will make you money!!!!

We offer the best service to you by servicing the pool table according to the level of use. As we are the manufacturers of the table, we ensure that the table is running smoothly.

Due to the design of Active 8 Pool Tables, they are less likely to have any breakdown issues. They are designed to minimise the chance of obstructions blocking the balls return path. These design features mean that your staff won't be bothered by disgruntled patrons.

Active 8 Pool Tables will supply and maintain the table style that best suits your venue.